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 Hello and welcome Bugsy crew!

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Courtney Geyer

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PostSubject: Hello and welcome Bugsy crew!   Tue Dec 01, 2015 1:21 pm

Hey everyone,

 So to help Mama G. and each production team for this play, I decided to put together this little site. It bypasses the issue with using other social media platform (since some problems have come up with that, people not having accounts, just not working) since you only need an email to register. It also allows our organizers to be kept in the loop with everything we're doing as well as other production team so we can see what we need to focus on.  

 Basically, once you register you can access any one of these Forums and add topics, allowing you and your team members an easy to use platform to work and plan things. I'll also try my best to keep the calendar updated with all of our rehearsals with scenes AND characters so ya'll wont have to ask Mama G. "am I in this scene???".
I'll have to ask for the meeting schedules of the other teams so I can add them as well.

 I'm pretty excited for this but, this will only work if it's used however, so please use it to your hearts content! I hope this will make things a whole lot easier for all of us.

 If you have any questions, message me or look in the FAQ's, Thanks!

-Courtney Geyer Razz
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Hello and welcome Bugsy crew!
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